Happy Belated New Year…

In 1962 this pic was taken of Lefty Wilson of the Red Wings, looking forward to the New Year:










It’s 2011 and Paul Boyer, the equipment manager for the Detroit Red Wings, wishes everyone a Happy New Year:










Happy belated new year to everyone, from the dude that took the second picture.


What’s On TV?

2 more days away from the move to Philadelphia and work starts with the Philadelphia Flyers. I’m back in MI for a few days with the family before I fly out on Wednesday. I’m flipping channels and I crash into the NHL Network and they’re showing Game 1 of the 2010 Stanley Cup Eastern Conference Finals with the Flyers against the Canadiens. I already know what the result is and know which team ends up in the Finals, but it’s not the game I’m focusing on at all. No, what catches my attention now is the crowd and the energy they have. Sure, it’s the NHL Playoffs and in my opinion nothing compares to the excitement of playoff hockey, but knowing that I will be a part of contributing to the excitement of the Flyers crowd just seems surreal.

Leaving Chicago for Philadelphia was something that I never would have imagined a month ago, but with the feelings I have watching this hockey game, I know I am making the right decision and pursuing this opportunity.


Two Stories

I was rummaging through some of my old pics (It was really slow at work and I wanted to spruce up a photo),
and I ran into a great one of two of my best friends (and I ran into a great pic of two of my greatest friends).

It reminded me of that day from a long time ago (I remembered taking this from earlier this year)
when it was taken at a old but quaint shanty (at the ‘W’ Hotel where he proposed to her…not the day the pic was taken, though).

I just can’t believe how much the picture has aged (It’s pretty cool what you can create with photoshop).



…Even this guy can have a softer side.

I was just walking down near Millennium Park’s ice skating rink and saw a couple embrace in the middle of the rink. It’s not my usual cup of tea to check out something like this, but I thought it was perfect with very limited people around them and seeming to be isolated from everyone, although they were right in the middle of the rink.

The mood was perfect for this type of thing with 3 people falling flat on their arses around them and with BB Mak playing in the background. Why not right?

Please note the sarcasm.


Goodbye, Gratiot Classic

A part of me died today while re-living my high school days of cruising Gratiot Ave. back in Michigan, and my stomach probably cheered in celebration. The Hot n’ Now burger joint, home of the 39 cent cheeseburger and where I spent some of my hard earned cash from my $4.75/hr. high school job, closed in favor of a Checkers.

First off, for anyone that doesn’t understand Gratiot cruising, it was one of the ridiculous things to do while in high school. To this day I don’t understand the fascination, but I am guilty to have partook in Gratiot strip roving. But if there was one crazy discovery to come of these silly travels, it was Hot n’ Now.

I will never think of what these burgers were actually made of, given its insanely low price tag. One thing I will think of is that to me, this is where the burger word ‘slider’ originated from. It was so far from being a mini hamburger, because it was just about the size of a McDonald’s hamburger. I will think of this as more of an In n’ Out burger, only the name being very literal (gross). I remember how much grease layered the cheese that then dripped onto burger wrapping.

Goodbye my Gratiot classic, my tears are running down like the grease from your burgers as we speak.


Vegas,Part IV: The Casinos

The highlight of any Las Vegas trip, the huge number of them makes it impossible to visit every single one of them on two nights. Or maybe it is possible if you stay up for 48 hours straight. There were so many beautiful ones out on the strip that we weren’t able to walk into, but the favorites of mine that we did have the chance to visit were Paris, the Luxor and the Bellagio (no surprise there). The stinker about casinos is that you can’t take any pictures on the playing room floor because they have such a beautiful setting, especially the Bellagio.

It’s been around for quite a long time, and the last time I was there they had a little boat ride inside the hotel for people to ride. The tour boat ride is now gone, but that’s good though, you get to focus on the casino and the hotel itself, and the hotel is quite the setup.

Inside the pyramid you can see that all the doors to all the hotel rooms, which I can imagine is pretty sweet to have a view of the lobby floor and the casino as soon as you walk out of your room. The view from the outside is awesome with the pyramid and the ancient Egyptian statue.


Now i’ve never been to Paris, but from just how the casino tries to model the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe, I think I may definitely want to take a trip and slam a few bottles of wine.

The Eiffel Tower has an elevator ride to get to the top, where you can take some great pictures of the Las Vegas skyline. I wish I had more time to check the view, because I can only imagine it being very beautiful.

The casino inside is pretty interesting as soon as you walk in. You see a part of the foundation of the Eiffel Tower come through the casino floor, where people have access to the elevators. As you walk through the casino floor, the ceilings sport clouds and a blue sky that brightens up the playing area, which is a welcome change from some of the dark and drab casino room floors at other hotels.

The hallway of shops and restaurants inside Paris I can only assume models some of the city streets you can find overseas. As you walk through it leads you to the casino room floor of Bally’s, which is right next door. Now right across from Paris is the Bellagio, and the awesome Bellagio Fountain.

The Bellagio

The cream of the crop is what I gotta say of the Bellagio. The fountain was the main draw to me, because once again playing and gambling isn’t my thing. But the hotel and casino is just gorgeous from inside out. Walking through to the casino floor I passed the shops inside, and with the shops they have you know only the people with good money stay here. The Bellagio was the main hotel target in the film Ocean’s 11, which made it just as cool walking through it. It’s kinda like walking through Chicago knowing that it was the site of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

Upon walking up to the registration desk, on the ceiling is a beautiful arrangement of artificial flowers. The colors are eye catching and vibrant, and a photo doesn’t do it justice.

Right across from the registration desk is the site of the Bellagio Conservatory, home of a crapload of fresh flowers and one cool light display that changes every so often, complimenting the flowers, ‘lawn decorations’ and water fountains that is inside the conservatory. Currently it’s in it’s Fall theme, with a very scarecrow greeting you as you walk in.

The lawn decorations I speak of are the things that stick out of my head when thinking about the conservatory. It’s not a bad term I’m giving it, it’s just pretty interesting to see a couple of talking trees inside. it’s something I haven’t experienced since watching The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

It was definitely a fun trip out there and to get away from Chicago for a few days. If you’ve been reading my last few entries, just remember that if you head out to the Vegas desert, check out these spots on top of the other places you see, and don’t take Spirit airlines!


Vegas, Pt III: Other than Casinos…

Vegas is obviously known for their casinos, which I had a great time in quite a few of them, but I had just as much fun checking out some of the other things Vegas is known for. I didn’t have a clue what exactly before the trip happened, but thanks to About.com I had a little bit of guidance.

Mandalay Bay
The first (and only) thing that always pops into my mind about Mandalay Bay are the  boxing matches that go on over there. I’m not much of a boxing fanatic, but I’ve become one with the greatness of Manny Pacquiao, a fellow Filipino man. It’s a beautiful casino from outside to inside.





We checked out the Shark Reef Aquarium inside, and it was a pretty neat experience. The main draw is the giant size aquarium that engulfs you, that is filled with many different types of fish and obviously, sharks. Although I would never do this, partly because i’d be scared as heck to do it, but for a giant rate you can actually gear up and swim inside with the sharks. No thanks, not that daring.



Minus 5

Also in Mandalay Bay is probably my favorite experience while out in Vegas. It’s such a different concept because a place this cold shouldn’t be out in the desert, but it was a sweet thing to check out. I wish I was able to to take pictures, but because it is literally below freezing in there we weren’t allowed to take in anything electronic inside the bar. But it was pretty awesome to be dressed up in a thick winter coat and given gloves upon entering. Everything is made up of ice carvings, from the walls to the bar and to the cups for your alcohol. The bartender was really awesome and encouraged us to dance to keep from freezing our buns off. To motivate us, she happily danced beside us. That was nice.

M&M’s World
4 floors of chocolaty goodness. The smell of chocolate emanates throughout the entire store which I’m sure just a quarter of the aroma comes from the giant size dispensers of single color M&M’s the store carries on the 2nd floor.

And with the calls of free samples on the top floor made it so much easier to cruise through and check out all the cool merchandise and models this place has.

One thing that I thought was the best was not so much the chocolate, but the orange M&M character. The way they drew him out and the type of personality that he must carry makes him to be a befuddled, confused and kinda worrisome. In some ways he reminds me of me…or just Butters from South Park.

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